Monday, September 27, 2010

Editing/enhancing a picture using photoshop pt 3

DAY #4
At the start of day four, I had started with the editing of the third and certainly the most challenging of the three photos. Although this picture was the one with the fewest tears present, there was a large oil spill on the guy's shirt and this was certainly a difficult area to cover up. The reason being because I would later find it difficult to match the same texture of the upper part of the shirt and not make the cover-up texture look fake and repetitive.

I started out with editing out all of the scratches in the photo caused by age in the photo, this took me only about eighteen minutes into day four and was an extremely easy job for me to accomplish ever since I finished retouching the first picture. Again, as I predicted, there would be great difficulty in removing the tears on the left arm of the dude and keeping in pattern and continuity with the overall texture of the shirt. I was not fully satisfied with my cover-up job because the layer I used was too dark in contrast to the rest of the shirt. The other area that I worked on retouching was the man's "Esso" patch on his shirt that was stained by oil, the challeinging part about the job was finishing the other half of the "O"; I found it virtually impossible to complete its shape using the stamp tool (ditto with the outside border of the badge as well as the man's hat), so I finished its shape using the paintbrush tool to draw the other half.

After five minutes I continued lightening the wall into a uniform color, this was an extremely easy part of the photo where I wasn't required to pay a great deal of attention to detail and to texture so I could usually use a larger cursor size when operating the stamp tool.

DAY # 5

Around twenty minutes later, I had attempted to the best of my ability to retouch the rest of the man's left arm sleeve but found myself unhappy with the turnout of my hard work. The left sleeve was still darker than the rest of the shirt and now looked like it was stained by oil as well, like the shirt pocket. I also started to clean the oil stain from the Esso guy's pocket working aroung the top part which I found a relatively easy task.


20 minutes later -  Finished cleaning the oil spill on the man's left arm ( Still not satisfied with the result)

DAY #6

Roughly 25 minutes into day six of the project, I retouched the man's pocket and left arm sleeve  for a second time. This time however, I made sure I took a much lighter shade of grey to add the third layer; the section between the "Esso" patch and the shirt pocket was a perfect tone. Although the task was extremely time-consuming  due to the fact that the area between the patch and the pocket was so small and because it was hard to keep the texture uniform, I was very pleased with the final result of my effort.

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