Monday, September 27, 2010

Editing/enhancing a picture using photoshop pt 2

The next image i was to retouch would prove to be a much more difficult medium to work with. First of all, the image was alot more aged so it was filled with alot more cracks and discolorations throughout. Secondly, I found it difficult trying to tell apart the tiara the woman was wearing and the cracks in and around her hair. Furthermore, I knew right away that it wouldn't be very easy to restore the hair of the woman because of the various discolorations and telling whether her hair was shiny and lustrous or the picture was aged in that area. 

After about twenty minutes, I was able to clear up the majority of the discolorations and scratches around the back wall and restore its color to a uniform smoky grey colour. This time, the task wasn't as time consuming due to the fact that I was now comfortable with using the stamp tool in Photoshop Elements to restore a picture. The grey wall was also an easy medium because it was mostly uniform in color and texture throughout. 
For the remainder of that class, which was the last 45 minutes or so, I had more-less completely restored the woman's shirt, neck, face and hair. Again, the challenging aspect of the job was to restore the woman's hair. As mentioned earlier, it wasn't particularily easy to make sure I retored the age without removing shine in the hair and making the entire area black.

DAY # 3
At about 15 minutes into the next class, I had finished entirely with recovering the woman's hair that was discolored and was now left with the tiara, this being the task that I found to be most challenging, this is because I had trouble kepping the consistency in texture with the crown. As well, I couldn't tell which sections were part of the crown and which were just tears in the photo.

After roughly twenty five minutes later, I had  finished with the entire shirt. When retouching the  woman's shirt, I assumed the shirt was white because it was discolored severely, so I ended up shifting the pitch to a striking shade of light grey. The supposed ink smear that is on the top right of her shirt was cleaned up and a shadow now takes it's place to make the photo slightly more 3-D. At this point, the only parts of the photo that needed enhancing would simply include the shape of her hair and crown, as well as making the wall's color more uniform.    
In a matter of only five minutes, I was completely finished with my project of digitally restoring this photo and was extremely pleased with the results and realism of the photo.

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